Alarming Increase In Truck Accidents In Ontario

Those men and women that work to maintain the safety of Canadian roads have expressed concern, regarding the increased number of truck accidents. Their research into such collisions has shown that most of the accident involved some type of transport truck. While the nature of the large vehicle that has collided with a smaller vehicle tends to remain the same, not every accident has the same cause. However, contacting the personal injury lawyer in Leamington can help you get the required legal assistance. (more…)

Understanding The Complexity of A Medical Negligence Case

There is one big factor that sets medical negligence cases apart from all other personal injury cases: the plaintiff was already dealing with health problems prior to the incident that triggered the filing of the claim. After all, nobody seeks out medical attention unless they already ill or injured. When a patient is taken in for surgery, they were already dealing with a condition that needed surgery to be rectified. And they certainly don’t need any negligence that can leave them impaired or injured after the treatment or misdiagnosis. (more…)

Determining Liability In The Case of A Dog Attack

Since the Dog Owners’ Liability Act has been implemented in Ontario, it is wholly the dog’s owner who is held liable for the consequences of their dog’s attack on another person or another person’s domestic animal. Even if the dog has no history of violent behavior, and even if the owner has not expressed any negligent behavior, they will still be held liable under this Act.However, if the victim can be proven guilty of provocation or negligence themselves, then the damages they are owed can be significantly reduced. (more…)