All About Processing A Damaged Vehicle Insurance Claim

Once you get involved in a car accident which results in physical injury or psychological trauma or any other damages pertaining to your property, you would certainly need to bring it to the notice of the broker, agent or insurance company within a few days. This is irrespective of the fact whether you or the other party is at fault. If you are not capable of reporting it within the first seven days, you would have to do it as quickly as you can after this. If you don’t report it, however, within the specific time which is considered to be reasonable, you wouldn’t be able to make the most of it and your claim might not even get honored. This is something that you should definitely account for. (more…)

How Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Bill For Legal Consultation And Services?

Being involved in a personal injury case is something which could just as well turn your entire life around. It’s something which could have long-lasting impact on your overall life and, at the same time, it could cost you quite a lot of money. In emotional and financial distress of the kind, people would quite commonly disregard the possibility of getting professional legal assistance because they tend to believe it’s something they can’t possibly afford. (more…)

Know About Fault Determination In A Personal Injury Case

Fault is a very sensitive subject when it comes to personal injury law. Insurance companies need to properly determine the fault or the degree of fault that has been assigned to every driver in a car accident. This has been the purpose to determine the property damage coverage is going to apply to the accident. This is also necessary to make sure that the premiums of the at-fault driver are correctly adjusted. (more…)

What To Do After Slip And Fall On A Public Sidewalk?

There are different types of accidents that you might fall a victim to and slip and fall are definitely amongst the most serious ones. Even though they are commonly overlooked as not so serious and harmless, they are also known to be the actual cause of a lot of serious damages, including fatalities. This is due to the fact that when you slip and fall you are most commonly going to hit your head in a hard surface which is particularly dangerous. This could cause traumatic brain injuries which could lead to paralysis and other dreaded conditions. (more…)

Who’s To Be Blamed In Rear End Accidents?

There are many aspects to consider if you’ve been injured, when it comes to car accidents. They are definitely serious and damaging and they are the type of accident which results in the most fatalities and traumatic injuries. This is something that you might want to account for. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at an accident which is overly common but it’s not as dangerous for the most part – rear-end collisions. These usually take place at lower speed and in the city; hence, they rarely end up with some serious consequences. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at the regulations when it comes to it and the way these cases are handled. (more…)

Key Aspects To Take Into Account With Negligent Supervision of Children

When your child decides to walk out the door and start his usual route to school, he is going to face quite a lot of various issues, experiences and situations. This is something that could encompass anything from playing ball to running with a sharp object. Parents are usually hoping that their kids would exercise serious common sense. However, they are also well aware that this is not every time the case and when it so happens that the kid acts irresponsibly, the teacher should step in to rectify the situation and to provide the kid with a helping hand in order to prevent an injury. (more…)

Why Dog Bites Are A Serious Threat?

There are quite a lot of different injuries that you might fall a subject to but the most dangerous ones are those which are commonly overlooked. With this in mind, it goes without saying that dog bites are amongst the most seriously underestimated injuries which are actually capable of causing a tremendous amount of serious injuries and they can even be fatal. There are a few reported cases of dogs attacking people who have ended up in the death of the latter. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at the reasons for which dog bites are so serious. (more…)

Seriousness of Distracted Driving And Its Repercussions

The truth is that while drink and driving is still an issue, the international campaign which was undertaken as an attempt to prevent and reduce its seriousness had a definitive effect. All Canadians are well aware of the issues which stem from drunk driving and that’s the main reason for which we can already observe a definitive reduction when it comes to it. (more…)