Are You Covered If You Are Injured In An Uber Or Lyft Accident?

In recent years, ridesharing has become a phenomenon throughout most of North America. Here in Ontario, Uber has been at the forefront of the ridesharing trend but recently, Lyft and other smaller companies have decided to throw their hat in the ring. But how does that impact someone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident with a rideshare vehicle? For Leamington personal injury lawyers, it is an industry we have watched carefully. (more…)

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be considering hiring a personal injury lawyer. You may not have paid much attention prior to this but now you are seeing it everywhere: personal injury lawyer advertising. Billboards, bus stops, radio, TV, sporting events. If you have searched online, you are now inundated with a string of ads before you even get to your search results. So how do you make a good choice? After all, this is your future you are talking about. (more…)

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Accidents

With summer here, motorcycle enthusiasts are taking advantage of warm weather and the open road. But the unfortunate reality on Ontario roadways is that motorcycle drivers are far more at risk for life-altering injuries if involved in an accident. Although most motorcycle riders are extremely safety-conscious, the very nature of a motorcycle puts them at greater risk even in a small accident. (more…)

What Are The Reasons Behind Single Car Accidents?

When there’s no other driver and an individual is involved in a single car accident, the assumption is often that the person behind the wheel is fully at fault for the accident. This is true in many cases but not all. There are some situations where the person behind the wheel isn’t at fault. Here’s a look at some of the common scenarios where the driver of a vehicle may not be considered at fault for a single car accident. (more…)

Process of Suing The Insurance Company

Not all insurance claims are accepted. Some are denied. If you feel that your long term disability benefits were wrongfully denied or wrongfully terminated, you have the option of suing the insurance company. The purpose of suing the insurance company is to try to obtain or regain the benefits that were taken from you or not given to you. (more…)

How To Get The Insurance Company To Pay Compensation

In order to receive compensation from an insurance company, you need to make a claim against the at-fault driver and you need to be successful with your claim. There are a couple of different types of compensation paid insurance company. The company has the option to pay your claim as a lump sum. If this is the case, then the payment is a one-time payment. Payment options are also available as a certain amount annually or monthly. Compensation often includes things that will happen or are thought to have happened like future expenses, future pain and future suffering, as well as any current expenses, pain and suffering. (more…)