How Could You Benefit From A Car Accident Claim?

The victim of motor vehicle accident has 2 options. He or she could decide to settle a claim with the car insurance company. Alternatively, the same victim could elect to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver. Accident victims that reside in Ontario, Canada enjoy a number of benefits, if any one of them decides to settle a claim with the car insurance company.

Basic benefits

Reimbursement of money used to cover medical expenses; Reimbursement of lost wages: (Money not earned, because you were recovering from your injury.)

Additional benefits

Non-earner benefits: Consulted with a personal injury lawyer in Leamington, in order to learn whether or not you qualify for these.

Income replacement: Given to someone that has lost his or her job, after becoming injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Caregiver benefits: This money can be used to pay the person that provides extensive assistance with just about every aspect of the injured victim’s life.

Beneficial aspects of a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, in anticipation of suing the responsible driver. During that consultation, the consulted injury lawyer will seek to learn as much as possible about the accident that harmed the potential client. If you are that client, then you should share with the consulted lawyer as much information as possible. That will allow the same injury lawyer to discover any aspect of the accident that you might have overlooked.

For instance, you might mention the presence of a passenger at the time of the collision. That mention should alert the consulted member of the legal community to the chance that the passenger also sustained injuries. That would mean that the insurance company for the responsible driver must cover the medical expenses and the loss of earnings for more than one person.

Maybe your recollection of the scene of the collision will work to spotlight the actions of the responsible driver. Perhaps your recollections will uncover facts that suggest that the same motorist was engaged in some type of dangerous or risky maneuver, such as making an illegal U turn.

If an accident got triggered by such actions, then the responsible driver needs to face charges for performance of that illegal maneuver. In other words, you might get a larger award, simply because you felt the impact of a reckless driver. Even if you did not suffer a serious injury, you still got injured, when the other driver carried out an illegal move.

Personal injury lawyers get paid a contingency fee. Their fee increases, if the client’s case offers evidence of more injuries, or neglectful actions on the part of the opposing party. Lawyers welcome the mention of such evidence. That fact underscores another way that an accident victim might benefit by suing the responsible driver. If the consulted lawyer refuses to take your case, that, too counts as a benefit.