How Can Pedestrians Stay Safe When Crossing Street?

Smart pedestrians understand where any one of them might get hit, upon entering the street. Mid-block locations pose the greatest danger to any pedestrian. It is best to cross at a crosswalk.

Moreover, a mid-block crossing can be made especially dangerous. Some pedestrians insist on darting out between parked cars. This forces the driver to take quick action. Sometimes the driver cannot react fast enough to avoid an accident.

How Canada strives to keep pedestrians as safe as possible

Drivers get hit with a higher fine, if an offense takes place at a crosswalk, at a school crossing or at a pedestrian crossing.

Tips for pedestrians that are concerned about their safety

• Wear bright clothing.
• Make eye contact with the driver, before crossing at an intersection.
• Cross only at designated locations. In urban areas, not every intersection provides a walker with 4 different places for crossing the street.
• Some cities have introduced a few intersections where a pedestrian can cross diagonally. Wait patiently for the proper signal, before attempting such a crossing.
• Never cross the street at an intersection, if the light is red.

At an intersection, cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop. Even then, it pays to watch for approach of vehicle that does not appear ready to stop. Some drivers make a point of speeding through a light that has just turned red.

Watch for vehicles that are making a turn, or for those that are turning in or out of a driveway.Wear sensible walking shoes, so that you do not stumble, while crossing the street. Do not drag your feet, while crossing the street; on the other hand, do not move too quickly. Some drivers try to turn in front of a walker, as he or she crosses the street. Technically, that is illegal, but a walker must be ready for the driver that plans to make such a move.

Tips for drivers that do not want to hit a pedestrian

Be on the lookout for children. They have no interest in obeying the rules. Anticipate the sudden moves that might be made by a pedestrian. Drivers not expected to be ready for some ridiculous move, such as running into the street, and assuming the right of way. That copies a child-like behavior. Hence a smart driver should make a point of having an eye out for children. Watch for a distracted walker, if he or she has chosen to stay distracted, while crossing a street.

Make a point of wearing sun glasses during the hours when the sun is rising or setting. If the sun shines in a driver’s eyes, he or she cannot see anyone that is walking across the road. Despite all the precautions, if you are involved in accident that has rendered you with limited mobility and other injuries, it is essential to discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville.