How Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Bill For Legal Consultation And Services?

Being involved in a personal injury case is something which could just as well turn your entire life around. It’s something which could have long-lasting impact on your overall life and, at the same time, it could cost you quite a lot of money. In emotional and financial distress of the kind, people would quite commonly disregard the possibility of getting professional legal assistance because they tend to believe it’s something they can’t possibly afford. (more…)

Key Aspects To Take Into Account With Negligent Supervision of Children

When your child decides to walk out the door and start his usual route to school, he is going to face quite a lot of various issues, experiences and situations. This is something that could encompass anything from playing ball to running with a sharp object. Parents are usually hoping that their kids would exercise serious common sense. However, they are also well aware that this is not every time the case and when it so happens that the kid acts irresponsibly, the teacher should step in to rectify the situation and to provide the kid with a helping hand in order to prevent an injury. (more…)

Seriousness of Distracted Driving And Its Repercussions

The truth is that while drink and driving is still an issue, the international campaign which was undertaken as an attempt to prevent and reduce its seriousness had a definitive effect. All Canadians are well aware of the issues which stem from drunk driving and that’s the main reason for which we can already observe a definitive reduction when it comes to it. (more…)

Driving With No Insurance: Accident Benefits

Even though the Canadian Government is actually pretty stubborn in insisting that our overall insurance rates are decreasing, we are all well aware of the fact that this is not the case. However, when you own a car in Ontario, it is obligatory for you to get an insurance policy. However, what happens when you decide not to? Or what happens when your current insurance had expired and you haven’t renewed it and you get involved in an accident? (more…)

Things To Consider About Accident Benefits Qualification

Personal injury lawyers work in order to ensure that their client have access to the benefits that they require in order to get a proper and successful recovery. Individuals that have unfortunately suffered through serious injuries are most likely going to require serious medical as well as therapeutic and rehabilitative attention in order to regain overall control of their own lives. (more…)

Five Aspects That Affect The Value of Your Case

Being involved in an accident of any kind is serious enough. However, immediately after you start getting your recovery, you should start considering getting the compensation that you are actually entitled to. This is something very important as you need to get financial reimbursement to put your life back in order. There are a lot of things which are going to impact the value of your claim. Some of them include: (more…)

Things To Consider About Long-term Disability Policies

The long term disability policies are particularly important and they are amongst the most critical thing which is going to define the overall course of your case. The thing is, however, that those long-term disability policies are written by the insurance company. This means that they are written in a fashion which is designated to minimize their overall potential exposure. At the same time, they are shaped in a way leaving you under the impression that you receive the maximum value. (more…)

What Damages Are Claimable In A Wrongful Death Case?

When someone that you love dies, this is going to take a tremendous emotional toll on the entire family and loved ones. It is also capable of causing significant hardship in terms of finance. Laws in each province of Canada provide comprehensive means to ease the burden when a person or an entity is actually responsible for causing the death of the deceased. It is particularly important to understand that there are different categories of compensation which are available if you manage to drive your wrongful death case to success. (more…)

In Medical Malpractice Cases Is Misdiagnosis A Valid Point?

The truth is that a significant number of medical malpractice cases tend to derive from either delayed diagnosis or from a misdiagnosis of a certain medical condition, injury or illness. When a doctor’s mistake leads to a treatment which is incorrect, delayed or skipped entirely, the condition of the patient can get a lot worse a lot quicker and the patient might even die. With this being said, a diagnosis error itself, however, is not enough on its own to provide legal merits for a medical malpractice lawsuit. (more…)