What Damages Are Claimable In A Wrongful Death Case?

When someone that you love dies, this is going to take a tremendous emotional toll on the entire family and loved ones. It is also capable of causing significant hardship in terms of finance. Laws in each province of Canada provide comprehensive means to ease the burden when a person or an entity is actually responsible for causing the death of the deceased. It is particularly important to understand that there are different categories of compensation which are available if you manage to drive your wrongful death case to success.

Categories for damages in wrongful death cases

Now, when it comes to the damages which derive from a wrongful death case, there are two broad categories which are typically defined by two time periods. The first period begins at the moment of the accident or the wrongful act which caused the death of the deceased until the actual moment when the victim had died. For instant, if a loved one has been involved in a car accident but had tragically passed away two weeks later, the moment from the accident until the moment of the death define the first period.

This is a period during which the family members as well as the loved ones of the victim are actively investing financial resources in order for the latter to get better. Given that healthcare is particularly expensive, this is oftentimes a period which can have a staggering financial impact on the loved ones of the victim. All of these expenses have been for not, however, because the victim had died. This is why the responsible party has to cover these damages in order to ease the financial burden carried by the family of the deceased.

The second period begins after the victim had died. This is also a very challenging period for the family members of the deceased. This is especially true if they have been relying on him to support them with the necessary finances to function properly. This is when they can claim damages such as loss of income as well as a range of income replacement benefits. What is more, the funeral itself is a very costly undertaking. The average funeral in Canada costs between $8,000 and $12,000 which is absolutely significant for someone who has just lost the love of his life and the main provider for his family.

Wrongful death cases are difficult; there is no doubt about it. However, they are also of particular importance because they can provide the loved ones of the deceased with financial freedom to go on with their lives as they are supposed to.  That is why personal injury lawyers in Leamington not only consider the legal aspect but are compassionate and support through the complete phase. Whether they negotiate the settlement or take the case to trial, they will ensure that the family gets the much needed financial support.