How To Deal With Dangers At Scene of Outdoor Festival In Ontario

Whenever residents of Ontario go to an outdoor festival, each festival-goer expects to see lots of people. Moreover, owing to the nature of the areas where festivals normally take get held, the crowds of people must move about within a limited amount of space. Those two features combine to make any festival a source of potential accidents.

Before any accident happens, personal injury lawyers in Cornwall can guess at who might be held responsible. It could be the owner of the property or the occupier.

Responsibilities of the owner and occupier

The owner must assume the responsibility of maintaining the property on which the occupier plans to create a festival. That task involves the removal of any recognized or potential risk. The occupier gets charged with controlling the conditions and activities within the festival’s borders. So, the occupier might be held liable for an injury sustained by anyone attending the festive activity.

Responsibilities of each festival-goer

Anyone that has chosen to step onto the premises that has attracted lovers of festivals, must report any accident that he or she sustains while on that same piece of property. Yet a personal injury lawyer would hope that the same individual stood ready to do more than just report the incident. He or she should document that same tragic event.

Once the victim of the accident has obtained valuable evidence, proof of what has transpired, he or she should seek medical help. Ideally, there should be a source of first aid services at that festive but dangerous outdoor event. After leaving the festival, anyone that got harmed while attending that outdoor event should contact a lawyer. That lawyer can help the unfortunate victim to determine who might be held liable for the victim’s/client’s injuries.

Why could the occupier be held liable?

The occupier must strive to control all the activities taking place on that one occupied piece of land. The occupier has probably overseen, or has hired someone to oversee the setting-up of various booths. In addition, the occupier may have called-for the creation of additional barriers.

Still, any organization that has been granted the right to use one of the festival’s booths cannot put all the responsibility for any accident squarely on the occupier’s shoulders. Each of those same organizations needs to demonstrate a decided duty of care towards the festival’s guests.

For instance, a petting zoo should take proper precautions, so that no child gets bit by one of the small animals. Of course, the occupier ought to furnish the equipment that could keep a small animal from harming a young visitor. Hence, an attorney might hold more than one person responsible for injuries to a client, someone that attended an outdoor event.