Do You Have A Legal Claim To Compensation?

Anyone that has been injured in an accident has the legal right to seek reimbursement of all accident-related damages. Such an individual would need to give an affirmative answer to the following questions.

Were you a victim of someone’s negligence?

Some accidents result from the effects of an act of nature. The collapse of an occupied structure at the time of an earthquake would exemplify the characteristics of such an accident.

Other accidents take place because someone has been negligent. The collision of two or more vehicles usually comes about as the result of someone’s careless and negligent behavior. An accident victim must have proof of negligence, in order to submit a valid personal injury claim.

Do you have supporting evidence for your claim?

• If you were in a car accident, did you get a copy of the police report?
• Did you speak with any witnesses?
• Did you take any pictures of the property damage, of conditions at the site of the injury-causing incident, or of your injuries?
• Do your medical records provide evidence of a timely office to a doctor’s office, a hospital or a clinic within the 24-hour period that followed the accident?

Victims that seek compensation have usually experienced one of these injury-causing incidents.

• An automobile accident
• A slip and fall, or a trip and fall incident
• A dog bite

Why are victims of such an incident not encouraged to heal and move on?

Sometimes the effect of a given treatment could force an affected patient to suffer certain consequences in the future. The medication used might cause progressive changes in the body of the affected patient. Over time, the effect of those changes would become more apparent. It could cost money to correct for the medication-linked changes.

—Sometimes the treatment involves utilization of an implanted device. An implanted device could become infected. At that point, it would need to be removed and replaced. That would mean subjecting the patient/victim to yet another surgical procedure.

Any medical procedure can interrupt a pre-planned schedule.

—Repeated absences from work could cause an employee to forego a chance at what had seemed like a potential raise or promotion.
—Job loss for medical reasons could create holes in the resume of someone that is seeking employment.

By the same token, the injury itself could disrupt plans. It might cause cancellation of a sports scholarship.

Victims deserve a chance to return to their former financial position. That means obtaining money from whoever committed the injury-causing negligence. The legal system provides an injured victim with the right to seek such money. Personal injury lawyers in Huntsville help victims to make use of the processes that are part of the legal system.