Driving With No Insurance: Accident Benefits

Even though the Canadian Government is actually pretty stubborn in insisting that our overall insurance rates are decreasing, we are all well aware of the fact that this is not the case. However, when you own a car in Ontario, it is obligatory for you to get an insurance policy. However, what happens when you decide not to? Or what happens when your current insurance had expired and you haven’t renewed it and you get involved in an accident?

Well, the simple truth is that driving without an insurance policy is not a good idea altogether. However, there are a lot of people who might actually be surprised of the fact that driving without an insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get stripped out of all benefits. Under Section 31 of the SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule), you wouldn’t be entitled to some of the benefits but not all of them. These include:

• Income replacement
• Non-earner
• Caregiver
• Expenses of visitors
• Lost education
• Housekeeping and home maintenance

These are the benefits that you would not be capable of relying on. The limitations are fairly serious, when it comes to it and this is definitely something to take into account. If you get involved in a vehicular accident without your insurance covering you, trying to survive is going to be particularly difficult as well as stressful, especially if you have gone through some serious damages, causing long-term disabilities and other incredibly dangerous conditions.

What are you going to be left with are basic Medical as well as Rehabilitation benefits as well as the benefits for Attendant care. These are going to be capable of covering the therapy as well as the treatment for certain injuries but they are far from being enough in a lot of cases.

Furthermore, when you are being involved in a car accident and you are not the one who is at fault, you wouldn’t have the legal right to sue the other party if you do not carry a valid insurance. This is something that you should also take into account as it most definitely is serious.

All in all, the overall moral of this is that you should start shopping for insurance rates if you haven’t already. Double-check your policy if you have one and make sure that you are well within the term of the same. This is something particularly important and you need to take it into thorough consideration. It’s undoubtedly a thing that you need to take into consideration. Your insurance policy is amongst the most important things that you need to account for and it is certainly critical that you take care of it. However, it is imperative that you work with an experienced injury lawyer as they understand the nuances of tort and injury laws. That is why it is essential that you work with an experienced lawyer as they must have handled such cases in the past.