Be Ensured of Compensation After Bicycle Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, while out riding around on a set of two wheels, you may wonder how you can find an insurance company that will acknowledge your personal injury claim. You may have to contact two different companies. After all, you will want to be compensated for both your bicycle and for any injuries that you might have suffered.

The obvious source of coverage for your bike

A homeowner’s policy covers the cost of damage to any of the homeowner’s property. That includes any item that belongs to the same homeowner’s spouse, children or parents. So, if you are a teen, your parents’ policy should cover the costs related to the damaged bike. If you are a married adult, you can use a homeowner’s policy that was taken out by your spouse.
Obviously, you do not want to pay for repairs on your bicycle, if you remain unable to ride that same clean and inexpensive means of transportation. Thus, you will have to study the various insurance companies to which you might submit a claim.

Possible ways to get coverage for medical costs

Some regions offer something called statutory accident benefits coverage. It was designed to meet the needs of the motorist that collides with an uninsured driver. Still, it can also be used by a cyclist that has been hit by a car, truck, van or SUV.
If you do not live in a region that offers such benefits, then you will have to study one or more other options. Are you a teenager? If so, then you may be able to use your parents’ car insurance policy.
Are you a married adult? If so, then you can probably use the car insurance that was taken out by your spouse. Of course, there is no guaranteed that the company that covers your parents or spouse will agree to cover your injuries. For that reason, you may have to follow a rather different route. You may have to sue the driver that hit you. In other words, you would need to meet him or her in a court of law. Naturally, you would not contemplate taking that action until after you had consulted with a personal injury lawyer in Cornwall.

The losses for which you deserve compensation

In addition to the costs of medical care right now, you must consider the cost of care provided to you in the future. Maybe you will have to undergo a period of rehabilitation. Perhaps you have no way to cover such costs. Maybe you cannot work and have lost your source of income.
A good lawyer should alert you to the existence of other expenses. For instance, you must have added greatly to your list of out-of-pocket expenses. You deserve to be compensated for the payments that you had to make, in order to get the supplies needed for treating your injuries.