What Should I Expect When Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer For The First Time?

For most people, the thought of having to hire a lawyer can be intimidating and uncomfortable. The lawyer you eventually hire should be one you are comfortable with and who addresses your questions and concerns with patience and understanding. You should expect a certain amount of responsiveness, even with an initial phone call. That said, a good lawyer will usually ask to meet with you personally, if at all possible, to understand all facets of your case before giving you advice.

This first conversation should allow you to ask questions of the lawyer before any hiring takes place. You should feel free to ask about the lawyer’s experience in handling your type of claim. Does he or she practice any other types of law or does the firm or lawyer work primarily personal injury claims? What about courtroom experience? Can you check references from other clients? All lawyers are not alike and experience and reputation count.

If at all possible, bring your accident report to the first meeting, as well as any and all documentation and information you collected at the accident scene. During an initial meeting, the lawyer should conduct a conflict check to make sure there are no personal conflicts with any other party involved in the accident. This is important to determine whether any other individuals involved in the accident are already a client of the firm.

It is important to note that personal injury cases can take time. Serious injury cases can take years to resolve. A good lawyer will be honest about timelines and what to expect. If your lawyer does not bring this up, this would be something to ask about.

A competent lawyer should be ready and able to discuss legal fees in an easy to understand fashion. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which means they only get paid based on your resolution. If there is no resolution or settlement, then there can be no charge. A good lawyer will have a Retainer Agreement to set all this out, including the discussion of any extra fees..

If you are interested in what you think your claim may be worth, it is a reasonable question to ask. However, a qualified lawyer may be reluctant to answer with specific figures since there are so many variables and much time involved. If he or she offers you a sum without seeing substantial confirming documentation as to medical and employment records, it could be you are getting a sales job and you may wish to look elsewhere for your representation.

Trust your instincts. A well qualified lawyer should make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions truthfully and clearly.

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