Five Aspects That Affect The Value of Your Case

Being involved in an accident of any kind is serious enough. However, immediately after you start getting your recovery, you should start considering getting the compensation that you are actually entitled to. This is something very important as you need to get financial reimbursement to put your life back in order. There are a lot of things which are going to impact the value of your claim. Some of them include:

Provable Loss of Income

This is without a doubt one of the biggest elements that you can use in your settlement talks. If you have sustained an injury which prevents you from going back to work or if you can’t work the same way you did before and this has resulted in a significant decrease in your earnings, this is a card that you should use. In certain serious cases you might even claim total loss of income if you are incapable of working at all. This is where a specialist is going to provide you with the necessary information regarding the overall impact of the accident. It will decide whether you will regain your capacity to work and when. It can be life-changing for some as the loss of wages coupled with limited mobility or disability can be crippling.

Medical Records

All the issues as well as the symptoms that you’ve had to go through and are still going through as a result of the accident are reflected in your medical records. Make sure that you explain everything to your doctor down to the very tiny detail that you might even consider irrelevant. This could be potentially helpful when the time comes.


Not all cases require you to visit a specialist. However, if you do, you should know that this is something which is going to impact the value of your claim. Visiting someone with narrower skill set and more specific one is going to mean that your condition is serious. Therefore, the value of your claim is likely to increase.

Overall medical imagery

All of the pictures that you can get are going to help you. This includes CT scans, X-Rays, MRIs and whatever else you can think of. Keep a proper record of all the medical tests and scans you undergo so that you have proof of the injuries that you sustained.

Changes to your lifestyle

If you are no longer able to handle certain things or to do some things as you did before, this is likely to have an impact on your claim. For instance, if you can’t go to the toilet on your own, you are likely to receive a lot higher compensation. In any case, it is absolutely critical that you are as thorough as it’s possible when it comes to it in order to make sure that you receive the full value of your claim. This is very important and that is why talking with a personal injury lawyer in Cornwall is essential.