A Guide To Car And Pedestrian Accident Claims

Navigating heavily trafficked streets as a pedestrian is dangerous. Unlike motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians are in no way shielded from collision. Upon impact, there is no metal exoskeleton, airbag, or helmet in the way to soften the blow. This makes it so important for both drivers and pedestrians to be cautious and alert at all times.

Many pedestrians believe that their safety is fully in the hands of drivers and that they themselves have no responsibility to be on the lookout to ensure maximum precautions are taken. However, this is a complete misconception. Just as you need to be aware of other drivers while behind the wheel, so do you need to be aware of them while you are navigating on foot?

Even when you are one hundred percent certain that you have the right of way under your particular circumstances, you still need to be cautious. If a driver neglects to brake in time, your insistence to exercise that right will only land you in the hospital and cast a big shadow on the satisfaction you were aiming towards. It is not worth it. Your safety should always be the top priority. Most of the personal injury lawyers know that such cases can be settled out of court but in case, as settlement isn’t reached, they can represent your interest in court.

Lead Causes of Car-Pedestrian Collisions

Though there are plenty of personal injury lawyers in Cornwall that know that such accidents can be prevented. Recent studies have provided us with a list of circumstances under which pedestrians have been injured by drivers. Among the top causes were:

• Distracted driving
• Driving above the speed limit
• Indifference toward bad weather and road conditions
• Disregard of traffic signs and signals
• Failure to stop at crosswalks and intersections
• Failure to perform a complete standstill at stop signs
• Failure to perform a complete standstill before turning right under a red light
• Intoxicated driving

How To Ensure Your Safety As A Pedestrian

While drivers are obligated to do their best to ensure the safety of pedestrians, that responsibility does not weight fully upon them alone. As a pedestrian, you share that responsibility with them. It is your duty to undertake reasonable safety measures so you can be alert while navigating the streets as well. Below, we have put together a list of such safety measures.

• Take note of the traffic speed and flow prior to crossing the street
• Look left and right before walking into the street
• Ensure no cars are approaching before your cross a road with multiple lanes
• Hold off on texting and making phone calls as you cross the street