How To Analyze The Quality of The Job Performed By Your Personal Injury Attorney

Some clients start to doubt the ability of their personal injury lawyer to help them to win their case. The following guidance should help such clients to analyze the job performed, so far, on their different ongoing cases.

An analysis of communications

• Does the retained injury attorney in Leamington make a point of keeping the lines of communication open? Has he/she explained how you ought to offer input? Some lawyers like to receive phone calls; others prefer emails.
• Does the same attorney provide you, the client with regular updates, concerning the progress being made toward a resolution of your claim?
• Does the same attorney make a point of listening to you?

In what ways are your lawyer’s words and actions meeting your expectations?

What did you know about your lawyer’s negotiating skills? Are you happy with what you have seen of those skills-in-action?

Do you feel that your lawyer has managed to offer a strong argument in favor of your case? Understand, that no lawyer will accommodate a client that is only seeking revenge against the responsible party

Some other questions to ask:

Does your lawyer appear organized? Has he/she collected all the necessary documents? If your case were to go to trial, the absence of certain documents could cause a delay in the proceedings.

Do you feel that you have an opportunity to say how you feel, or to say what you think? You should be the one making the final decision.

Have you received any requests from your legal counsel? If so, what were they, and did you seek to satisfy that request. Understand that each client-lawyer relationship should create a type of “team.”

When did you first consult with a member of the legal community? Did you wait until a time that was close to the deadline, as stated in the statute of limitations? If you waited until the last minute, you added to your attorney’s many challenges. You should consider that fact, when doing this analysis.

Have you been honest during the lawyer-client discussions? A lawyer’s hope for success could be thwarted if you tried to hide something, or if you failed to tell the whole story. If you cannot recall all the details, regarding your accident, do not be afraid to say so.

When did you first have doubts about your attorney’s performance? Maybe you wanted quick, results, but the insurance company had caused the negotiations to stall. Experienced lawyers should offer to help any client, for communicating with the insurance company.

Have you received such assistance? If not, perhaps you should inquire, regarding your attorney’s readiness to provide you with a way to indicate your alternatives, if you fail to receive more cooperation from the adjuster.