The Immediate And Long-Term Effects of A Spinal Cord Injury

If an accident victim had suffered a spinal cord injury, he or she would certainly experience a good deal of pain. That would be one of the immediate effects of harm to the region of the spinal cord. The pain would have as its focus a point on the victim’s back.

The certainty of the pain does not rule out the possible appearance of other symptoms. The same victim could experience a long or short period of paralysis. That could be accompanied by the sensation of various other functions, such as muscle movement and bladder control. Even the victim’s sexual function might get impaired.

The sensation of movement concerns those that the victim hoped to elicit from his or her muscles. That sensation would not eliminate the chance for muscle spasms. Indeed, muscle spasms belong on a list of the effects that could appear soon after someone has injured the cord within the spinal column. One other immediate effect could signal the damage done to the body. That would be any inflammation of the affected area. Inflammation reflects the body’s attempt to deal with a threat to its ability to function properly. That threat could take the form of a germ or a physical impact.

What could happen on the long term

Whether the victim has managed to recover from the immediate symptoms or must deal with worsening symptoms, newer, long term effects could enter the picture. A list of such problems would include conditions such as headaches, a stiff neck, ongoing back pain, numbness of certain nerves and a restricted feeling on either side of the spine.

Those would be the possible physical problems. Of course, the victim could also develop psychological problems. Recall the victims with an injured spine can experience changes to their body’s sexual functions. That can introduce a problem that the victim has trouble dealing with. A troubled victim might well become depressed or angry.

Efforts to deal with that depression or anger could act to hide the development of a worsening physical condition. If the inflammation were to persist, that could certainly have an effect on the victim’s outlook and lifestyle. In fact, if not properly addressed, a worsening inflammation could develop into a debilitating condition.

That is why the victim with a spinal cord injury needs to hire an injury lawyer in Huntsville. None of the listed effects match with the qualities that employers want in an employee. Consequently, the victim’s condition could keep him or her from ever finding a new source of income. Hence, the lawyer would need to present a strong case for compensation that could cover a future loss of income, which normally comes in the form of long-term disability benefits.