What Injuries Are Suffered By Car Accident Victims That File A Personal Injury Claim?

Every accident is different. By the same token, no two accident victims (even those in the same vehicle) have the same injury. Still, certain medical problems tend to develop more frequently among accident victims that have been in a motor vehicle collision.

The behavior of the driver and passengers can reduce the risks for an injury, should there be a collision.

Both the driver and passengers should wear a seat belt.

Both should keep their face looking straight ahead. If the head or body of a passenger was turned in any way, that could increase the chances for an injury.

Those inside a motor vehicle are safer if the same vehicle has been fitted with air bags.

Proper operation of the vehicle can lower the chances that the driver or passengers might get injured.

The risk for injury depends to some extent on the area where the target (vehicle) got hit. Did it get hit in the front, the rear or the side?

Naturally, the speed at which the driver was taking the car, truck, van or SUV determines how seriously anyone might get injured, in the event of a collision.

Victims often have soft tissue injuries.

Some victims develop a whiplash associated disorder. They experience pain in their head and neck. Sometimes, the victim of whiplash must deal with pain in the back.

A victim’s knee might hit the dashboard, damaging soft tissue in the knee.

More serious injuries

Someone riding in the front seat might suffer a traumatic brain injury. In addition, anyone in the back seat that gets thrown, head first, against the front seat might suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Unseen injuries can become quite serious, if they go undetected. That is why it pays to get examined as soon as possible on the day of the accident. If an injured driver or passenger gets seen in an emergency room, he or she must relate that experience to a family physician. If a child gets seen in the emergency room, that fact, too, should be shared with the child’s pediatrician.

Drivers can get thrown against the steering wheel. That causes the driver to have a chest injury, possibly a broken rib.

A severe cut could lead to disfigurement. In Canada disfigurement is considered a catastrophic injury. Victims with a catastrophic injury do not have to deal with a cap on the amount paid for their pain and suffering.

The loss of a limb is also viewed as a catastrophic injury. Someone that has lost a limb faces the chance of a struggle, when seeking a way to earn a living. By the same token, such a person must could develop certain emotional or psychological problems.