Know About The Basics Behind A Car Accident Case

The unfortunate truth is that the province of Ontario is absolutely no stranger to car accidents. With this being said, vehicular accidents are the most common case for personal injuries and, unfortunately, death. Of course, when you stack the numbers the statistics is rather logical, considering the fact that there are far more cars than any other vehicles in the province.

In any case, the laws are regulated by the Insurance Act of Ontario which is a piece of legislation which governs all of the car accidents as well as a range of other accidents as well. There, in the Act, there is a special section which is called Rules of Fault Determination. And, they stipulate one particularly paramount and critically important rule. This is the so-called “no fault” rule which regulates the car accident cases in Ontario.

The things to consider

Normally personal injury cases are regulated by determining the negligent party as well as the breach of duty and the damages which were caused. However, in order to make matter easier, the legislative authority of Ontario has decided to speed things up. So, instead of seeking reparation for the compensations from the at fault party, the injured can go directly to his own insurance company and claim it from there. The latter will then have the authority to seek it from the “at fault” party or his own insurance company.

The solution is particularly fair. The truth is that the courts in Ontario are busy as it is. If you go ahead and file a personal injury claim right now, you are likely to get your hearing scheduled somewhere after two years. This is absolutely devastating when it comes to it and it’s a tremendous amount of time to wait for.

Speeding up the claim

The insurance companies aren’t lighting fast as well but two years is a long period of time. If you play your cards right, you can get a settlement or an insurance increment which is more than enough in far less that time. This is something that you want to take into account – it’s without a doubt something that is going to be more beneficial. What is more, if you hire the right personal injury lawyers, you will be capable of handling things in a far shorter time span. They have the skills and knowledge about the nuances of tort law. Having a good lawyer in your corner is an asset as they will skillfully stack the benefits for your advantage when negotiating with the insurance companies.

In any case, settling the case with the insurance company is also not as challenging as it would be to go through an extensive court procedure with hearings, expert witnesses and all that unnecessary mass of things. That’s why it’s a good thing that Ontario has regulated car accident claims to help victims get justice.