Know The Value of A Personal Injury Case

If you want to place a value on a personal injury case, then you need to answer a few basic questions. The answers should offer some clues, as to how much money you can expect to receive, once all parties concerned have reached a settlement. Of course, your answers will not reveal the argument that is apt to be made by the opposing party.

What did the injuries cost you?

How much money did you spend on doctors’ visits, medical tests, surgery and/or medications? To what degree did you find your injuries to be physically taxing? To what degree were your emotions tried, as you struggled to recuperate from your injuries?

How will the damages be determined?

Ideally, the damages will be determined during a negotiated settlement. At the time of that settlement, an agreement has been reached between the injured parties, the insurance companies and the lawyers for those that sign onto the agreement. If a case goes to trial, the damages will be determined by a judge and will be made clear at the end of the trial.

What kinds of damages might be sighted in a claim?

If you have a personal injury case, then you should certainly seek compensatory damages. Those cover the costs for your medical care, following the accident. Payment for such damages should cover the costs of any treatment that you are expected to need in the future.
If the injury affected your ability to meet your responsibilities at work, then it may well have had an impact on your salary. You should be compensated for the diminished salary, as well. In addition to bodily injuries, you may have suffered damage to personal property. Even if you did not own the car that was damaged at the time of a collision, you may have had some valuable property on your person. Perhaps it got damaged when the vehicles collided.
If you were admitted to an emergency room, you were probably asked to describe what level of pain you were enduring. Your answer can be used by injury lawyer in Huntsville to establish the extent to which your injuries caused you to feel pain. Serious discomfort other than pain should also be stated in a claim.
Did you experience fear, anxiety or loss of sleep after the accidental occurrence? As is the case with pain and discomfort, you can seek reimbursement for both immediate and ongoing issues, including those that affect your emotions. Maybe your injury forced you to spend many hours in bed; perhaps you have endured many days of boredom. You can seek compensation for that. A loss of your ability to pursue a hobby or a simple activity such as walking or hiking can be declared evidence that you have been inflicted with added damages.