A Life-Altering Event – Becoming Victim of Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord remains within a protective covering for its full length. In an adult human, that length can vary from 45 cm to 69 cm. The cord needs that protective covering (the spinal column), because it holds a bundle of nerves. Still, a sudden impact on the bones of the spinal column can damage a section of that same bundle.

Principle characteristics of damage to spinal cord

Without knowing the location of the impact, it becomes impossible to predict the way that an impactful force might affect the body. The cord’s bundled nerves direct a long list of functions: respiration, movement, seeing, speaking, walking, touching and feeling. The location of the injury caused by an impactful force determines the nature of the function affected.
Small movements, as well as large ones can get removed from the list of movements that the body can complete. For instance, a hit to the proper region of the cord might cause an accident victim to lose the ability to cough. If that were to happen, the same person would need a way to suction off the phlegm that forms in his or her throat.
Damage to a different region might put an end to the brain’s ability to note certain sensations. Hence, the affected man or woman would be unable to sense the presence of excessive heat. Consequently, the same person might one day put a hand on an extremely hot surface, without knowing it. In that way, a spinal cord injury can explain the creation of a bad burn on an accident victim.

Types of accidents that damage to cord’s protection and to bundled nerves

• Any accident that involves a motored vehicle: a car, a van, a truck, an SUV or a motorcycle
• Accidents that take place during specific sporting events belong on this list. Divers stand at great risk, especially if the depth of the water into which they are diving remains unknown.
• Falls have caused a huge percentage of spinal cord injuries.
• A violent and physical assault can cause such an injury.

Evidence that any victims of an accident must deal now with a life-altering event

• One or more of the victims has trouble breathing
• Any of the same victims exhibit signs of difficulties, when trying to walk
• Victim’s complaints about a feeling of numbness in the extremities of the body
• Discovery of paralysis in any part of a victim’s body

How someone that has lived through such an event should be compensated

• Money lost due to inability to perform former job should get replaced.
• Money that can no longer be obtained by holding a job should be awarded.
• Costs of medical care now and in future should be covered by awarded benefits.
• Costs of special equipment, health aids and services should be covered by awarded benefits.
• Costs that have resulted from time spent at rehabilitation facility ought to be covered.
To cover the cost of the injuries and get compensated for it, you need to talk with an injury lawyer in Cornwall.