Living With Spinal Cord Injuries After An Accident

When it comes to any injuries following an accident, recovery takes time and patience. But for victims who have suffered spinal cord injuries, it is often the case that living as they were pre-accident is no longer an option.

A spinal cord injury, otherwise known as SCI, occurs when a trauma damages the spinal cord resulting in partial or complete paralysis. Damaged nerves are no longer able to send and receive messages from the brain which results in loss of function and sensation.

A Grim Prognosis

In many cases, the prognosis for those living with spinal cord injuries is not good. Not only is life expectancy diminished between 15 to 30 years from that of the average but, during their lifetimes, the SCI victim will require home care and doctor interventions far more frequently than average. While an average of 60 percent of victims are unemployed, their cost of care can range between $1.6 million and $3 million. According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the expenses of a spinal cord injury can range from over $200,000 to nearly $800,000 during the first year alone.

The Demographics

The World Health Organization has found that young males in the age range of 20 to 29 years of age followed by older males over 70 years of age are most at risk for spinal cord injuries. The gender gap between male to female is 2:1 and often much higher.

Motor Vehicle Accidents One of the Leading Causes

Today, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries resulting from a car accident are often caused by trauma to the neck or back at impact. Unfortunately, an SCI injury is often the result of a careless or negligent driver. Because of the severe nature of these types of injuries, claims often lead to litigation in order for the victim to get the necessary compensation for their injuries.

Compensation for Injuries

Although financial compensation will never fully make up for the physical and emotional trauma a victim will face after an accident, it can ease the financial burden associated with these types of injuries. It is important to get the advice of a Huntsville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a spinal cord injury. It is imperative to work with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of spinal cord injuries and has a network of medical professionals who deal with SCI injuries in depth.

A professional Huntsville spinal cord injury lawyer will understand the designations of injury when it comes to what parts of the body will be affected and will understand what they will entail. If you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal cord injury as the result of another driver’s negligence, call the experienced legal professionals at AM Injury Law to understand your legal rights.