How Mistakes Get Made When Accident Victim Seeks Compensation

A victim’s pain can dim the realization of an important fact: no insurer will offer compensation for an unproven injury. Hence, all injuries claimed by an accident victim must be provable. The failure to recognize that fact can trigger the making of a whole list of mistakes.

Mistakes made with respect to injuries suffered

Someone with a painful injury would be expected to seek a possible treatment for that same medical problem. If a doctor has suggested a treatment, a patient with a real problem would be likely to pursue the suggested treatment. In other words, a victim’s failure to follow-up with prescribed treatments belongs on a list of unfortunate mistakes.
Not every injury shows up at the time of the accident. When a soft tissue has felt a powerful impact, the result from that same impact might not be felt for several days. As a result, some victims fail to seek medical help right after the time of the collision. That can increase the difficulty associated with obtaining compensation from the insurer.

Mistakes that might be made at crash site

At the time of an accident, the congestion on the road serves as evidence of the tragic collision. Yet eventually, the road gets cleared and vehicles can travel easily down the road once more. By the same token, an insurance company can easily refuse to offer coverage, if evidence of a car accident has not been submitted. Such evidence can come in the form of pictures, emergency response information and the observation of skid marks.
After a collision has taken place, word of that occurrence must be reported to the proper authorities. In the course of a legal argument, a police report can serve as support for the statements that have come from a witness or a victim.
The wording on the driver’s insurance policy highlights the need to for the driver to contact the company that has issued the same policy. The insurer expects to be contacted with a set timeframe. That timeframe has been explained in the policy’s printed statements.

Other mistakes to avoid

Although the driver of the damaged vehicle does have to contact the insurer, the same person must be careful not to provide the insurance company with too much information. Anything the driver says will be recorded, and could get re-introduced during a trial. Still, a driver might not be thinking clearly at that time, and should not be held responsible for comments made while feeling unsure and perhaps stressed.
The victim’s recovery time should not be viewed as a period when it is best to take it easy all-day long. After an accident, there is plenty of paperwork that has to be completed, even after hiring a lawyer. Indeed, time should be spent looking for an experienced and reliable personal injury lawyer in Huntsville. In addition, the victim’s financial affairs need to be put in order.