How Much Is Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

It can be difficult to gauge how much your slip and fall lawsuit is worth. Many factors will determine your cases value.Below is a list of items to help you determine the value of your slip and fall lawsuit.

Documentation of Accident Scene

Without taking several steps when a slip and fall accident happens, it will be difficult to know who was at fault. You will want to take pictures of where the accident happened, your injuries and the condition of the place the accident occurred.You should also write what happened immediately. Speak with witnesses and keep their contact information.

Get Medical Care

Get medical care immediately to keep minor injuries from becoming major injuries. Medical care will benefit your case to get the maximum settlement as the documentation of injuries and medical assessments will help your case.

Legal Help Assigns Value

It is time to find a personal injury lawyer in Leamington that is experienced in this type of case, after taking care of the medical work. The most important part of your case is your lawyer for determining the worth of your settlement.Significant injuries will determine your eligibility for more compensation. To arrive at a dollar amount the lawyer must check certain things such as the defendant’s financial resources, insurance coverage availability, and injury severity, location of the accident and strength of your case.

Are You Entitled To Damages?

It is simple to calculate damages you are entitled to. Quantifiable damages should be loss of wages, incurred medical bills, therapy, equipment and prescriptions. Daily chores, inability to care for a child, cleaning and driving are considered general damage. Even pain and suffering are general, unless the injuries are permanent and serious. The lower you have chosen will help you decide the eligibility of general damages. You can sue for punitive damages if your accident was due to someone’s extreme negligence.

Determining Liability

If someone has failed to inform you of a hazard or failed to repair a hazard and you were injured, then the other party is liable and have acted negligently. There are many conditions for negligence, such as, dim lights, sidewalks covered in ice, construction hazards and broken floors. In your first meeting with your lawyer, he/she will inform you whether or not you have a strong case for negligence. It will be hard to receive compensation for your case if you are unable to prove negligence.