How Does Ontario’s Law Define A Catastrophic Injury?

The dictionary’s definition for a catastrophic injury does not match with the definition that serves as the basis for Ontario’s related laws. Those related laws would be the ones that concern disabling impairments. At the same time, Ontario’s insurance companies have chosen to give greater consideration to the definition of a disabling catastrophe, with respect to the way such an event has been defined by the Province. (more…)

Why Drivers Involved In An Accident Need To Obtain The Police Report

The officers that arrive at the scene of a car crash, might get 2 or more different stories, one from each of the involved drivers. Yet the police report needs to indicate which driver appears to have been responsible for the fact that the now-damaged vehicles collided. That fact underscores one of the reasons that a motorist should seek the police report, following his or her involvement in any on-road accident. (more…)