How To Place A Value On A Personal Injury For Compensation

After you have been injured and forced to spend time recovering, it may not seem like your injury could be viewed as something of value. Still, many factors contributed to the accident that caused your injury. In the same way, multiple factors come together, in order to demonstrate the value inherent in any given injury.

Factors over which you have no control

You had no way of placing a limit on the severity of your injury. Someone that has suffered just a minor injury will not have as valuable a case as someone that survived one of the more serious injuries. A victim that faces years of further treatment will have a valuable personal injury claim. By the same token, a victim that has been affected for life will enjoy long-time access to the money associated with a valuable injury.
At the time of the accident, you did not know how many parties might have contributed to the making of that tragic and accidental occurrence. A case with in which multiple people can be held responsible for what happened has less value than one in which a single party can be held liable. A case’s value declines even more, if the person that has initiated the lawsuit can be held partially responsible for what has happened.
Was your ability to hold a job impaired by the damages that you have suffered? Has your performance on the job suffered? Have you developed some unanticipated complications, as you work to treat your injury? A “yes” answer highlights the value of your case.
Will you need to undergo an ongoing treatment? If so, then the time that you spend undergoing treatment could limit that amount of time that you could devote to a money-making activity. For that reason, your need for ongoing treatment could add to the value of your case.

Factors over which you do have control

Did you perform some foolish action before the accident? Did you foolishly refrain from engaging in an important activity? For example, did you fail to take the time to put on your seat belt, when you knew that you would be riding down the road? Your own actions can add to or detract from the value of a given case.
Did you agree to be the 4th passenger in the backseat of a car? If you did, and that same car was in an accident, the value of your personal injury claim has been diminished.
Did you ignore your doctor’s recommendations? Did you fail to attend the scheduled treatment sessions? That could reduce the calculated value of your case. You can also go online or study printed publications and read more about the nature of your injury. See if you face a more uncertain future than the one that you are planning to live. Maybe your personal injury lawyer in Leamington has knowledge that can be used to make your claim more valuable.