More About Punitive Damages After An Accident

Following an accident in which one person has been injured as a result of somebody else’s action, the injured is automatically in a position in which they can sue for damages, aka, financial reimbursement. The amount of these is dependent on the amount that is required for the injured to return to their previous state of health prior to the incident.

You need more information about the punitive damages after an accident. These are also referred to as exemplary damages and are rarely seen. The only times in which they are granted, is when it can be proven that the defendant had ill-intend behind their behavior and wanted to cause harm. In cases like these, punitive damages are used as punishment for the guilty party, not as a way to make amends with the injured. The intention behind them is to make a statement and ensure this kind of behavior will not be repeated.

Punitive damages are never exclusively granted. In most cases, they are added to the damages paid as compensation. The exact amount of punitive damages is set once the severity of injury and loss, as well as the level of inconceivable behavior by the defendant has been established. The amount set in previous, similar cases often also factors into the final decision taken by the personal injury lawyer in Leamington.

The Difference To Compensatory Damages

These types of damages are granted to cover the expenses of the one injured which arose following the incident. This includes medical expenses, damages or loss regarding property, necessary traveling costs to get to and from appointments, compensation for current and future pain and trauma, as well as counseling, and/or missed wages as a result of the accident and the connected injuries.

It is clear that severe injuries can affect the quality of life, but many neglect to think of other consequences that come with it, and just how much somebody’s life can change as a result. If a person is suddenly no longer capable of going on family trips like they used to, of playing sports with their friends or children like they used to, or simply relaxing on the sofa to watch a movie like they used to, all because of chronic pain or trauma, it can change their entire life for the worse. And this is what compensatory damages are – an attempt to financially compensate for all the suffering they are, and possibly will, endure as a result of the loss and injury they have experienced. Discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer will help you get the necessary legal counsel that you need at this point in time.