Time Limits On Suing For A Dog Bite

If the victim of a dog’s teeth has considered suing the dog’s owner, then he or she must learn the exact length of time available to someone that intends to bring a dog bite case to court.

Why it helps to consult with a lawyer?

Each state and province have its own statute of limitations. That gives the amount of time available to someone that wants to bring a certain type of case to court. Some states restrict the limitation period to 1 year; some allow it to extend the length of 6 years. Most states and provinces ask that anyone wanting to bring a lawsuit should submit their claim before the passing of 2 to 3 years.

There are times when the time limit experiences a pause.

That means that the passing of time gets suspended, before the limitation period has been attained. Such a pause might lengthen the amount of time available for filing a claim for a dog bite incident. What sort of event might trigger the creation of a such a pause? In the case of a dog bite incident, the location of the dog’s owner determines the amount of time given to the victim, the person that plans to sue that particular pet owner. For instance, if the owner leaves the state, the time limit gets suspended, temporarily. The time limit resumes at the point where it left off, after the dog’s owner has returned to his or her state of residence.

What was the result of the attack made by the snapping canine?

Did the canine just jump on you and scare you, or did that animal bite you? The answer to that question could determine what action the court takes, after you file your lawsuit. In some states, the court will not move forward, if the plaintiff in a dog bite lawsuit was not actually bitten by the snapping pet.

Another time when it helps to have a lawyer.

As mentioned above, the court will not hear a case, if the plaintiff has delayed with the filing of a claim against the biting dog’s owner. What happens then, if the court refuses to hear a case? In that instance, the person that was the target of the dog’s teeth must make a decision. He or she could decide to abandon pursuit of a lawsuit against the biting canine’s owner.

Still, the victim does not have to abandon that chosen path. Victims that so desire can contact a lawyer, and then hope that the personal injury lawyer’s efforts in Huntsville will allow the victim to obtain an exemption. Once granted an exemption, the victim of the canine’s bite has the legal right to proceed with the lawsuit.