Tips To Avoid Personal Injury In Winter

Ice, snow, bad road conditions and poor visibility are a breeding ground for car accidents, and thus, injury claims that are represented by the personal injury lawyer in Huntsville. However, that is no excuse for not taking all preventative measures you can. You should always do everything within your power to avoid causing harm, whether it be to yourself, your property or others.To help you take these preventative measures, we have put together a list of tips to follow.

Snow Tires

Many countries have made this step mandatory, but even if it isn’t where you live, you should still invest in a set of snow tires for your vehicle. This counts double if you own a car with rear wheel drive. It is important to not that you should not wait for the first snow fall to put these on since they are better suited than all other tires for gripping the road in low temperatures.


Never be a reckless driver, never be a speed demon – this is especially important in times of poor road conditions since higher speeds lead to a much higher risk for car accidents with serious consequences. Speeding will give you and other drivers little to no time to react and hit the brakes, which leads to harder collisions that cause more damage and potentially fatal injuries. It is simple: just stick to the speed limit. Always.

Cell Phones

Never text and drive. Don’t fiddle with your cellphone to put on music as you drive. Don’t call anyone, not even on speaker. Focus on the road. Especially during poor weather and road conditions. The consequences of you losing control on a patch of ice can be extremely serious. Even if there is no other vehicle in sight, you still don’t want to risk sending your car rolling or crashing into a tree.

Winter Wiper Blades

These things are specifically designed to clear snow and ice from your windshield. However, even if you cannot, or do not want to invest in winter wiper blades, you should ensure the regular ones you have are in a good condition before the winter season comes upon us. Any stiffness, scraping or other damage can lead to your vision being obscured and thus, to extremely dangerous situations in which you cannot see the road ahead.


Before winter even begins, you should take your vehicle in for maintenance so a mechanic can ensure your tire treads, brake pads, transmission and battery are up to standard. This way, you can be reassured you won’t find yourself in unsafe conditions somewhere down the road.