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A&M Injury Law is a professional personal injury law firms and we consider it our aim to assist and help victims that are trying to come to terms with the injuries rendered in an accident. However, hiring just any lawyer does not work, because only experienced injury lawyers understand the nuances of the tort laws and can help you in getting maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case.

Many of the lawyers at A&M Injury Law have worked with insurance companies in the past and that is why they understand the way insurance adjusters and legal services act. Our lawyers value our clients and provide personalized attention and legal counseling. We are there with you, every step on the way that assures you that the professional lawyers are in your corner, helping you get financial stability by winning the compensation.

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Our injury lawyers have the resources, experience and knowledge to bring on a claim as a representative of your rights. We understand that you may be recovering in the hospital or suffer from limited mobility due to the extensive injuries and that is why we are ready to meet as convenient to you. Whether you want us to come over to the hospital, your home or even the rehabilitation center, we’ll be there.

The initial consultation is free to encourage you to consult professional legal firm and not shy away from the cost, because most people have the misconception that hiring lawyers are expensive. No, it isn’t. And that is why we work on a contingency basis to ensure that you are not saddled with another big debt other than what you are dealing with- medical bills, loss of wages and injuries. Thus, we work on “no win, no pay” basis to ensure that it does not cost you anything, if we don’t win the compensation for you. We are here to alleviate your stress and we do that all the time. We will represent your rights, with law enforcement, at the hospital and seek justice in the court of law. You need justice and we are here to provide that. When you get compensated, we win and consider it a success because you don’t need to stress anymore.

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A&M Injury Law caters to the needs of anyone that has suffered an injury due to no fault of theirs, cutting across race, creed, religion and gender. We cater to people speaking over 20 languages while our staff is equipped to translate and discuss the requirements accordingly. We understand how many difficulties a split-second accident can cause. Oftentimes, the accident turns fatal. Even in cases where there has been a catastrophic injury, and the accident victim is in no position to avail legal assistance, you can contact us immediately as next of kin and we’ll be in a position to help your family get justice caused to your loved one. Don’t suffer in silence. We are right here to help you through these stressful times. Call us or write to us to schedule an appointment.

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