Who Is Liable In Premise Liability Claims?

If you have slipped and fallen on any kind of surface, it’s highly likely that you would also have sustained some severe injuries. A lot of people seriously disregard the situation but the truth is that they can cause quite a lot of damage. Spinal cord injuries, severe disabilities and painful trauma are just some of the things that you would actually have to go through. However, as it turns out, it does matter where the accident took place. Let’s take a look. (more…)

What To Do After Slip And Fall On A Public Sidewalk?

There are different types of accidents that you might fall a victim to and slip and fall are definitely amongst the most serious ones. Even though they are commonly overlooked as not so serious and harmless, they are also known to be the actual cause of a lot of serious damages, including fatalities. This is due to the fact that when you slip and fall you are most commonly going to hit your head in a hard surface which is particularly dangerous. This could cause traumatic brain injuries which could lead to paralysis and other dreaded conditions. (more…)

More About The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

The truth is that our everyday lives are full with occasions which pose potential risks of injury. Cycling, driving and even walking on the side way could get you harmed. What is more, if you are currently suffering from something rather mild and you walk into the hospital for a routine checkup and you stumble upon a negligent doctor who makes your condition worse, you’d also suffer additional injuries. As you can surely see for yourself, keeping yourself safe is far less up to you than you thought. (more…)