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Car accidents in Ontario are one of the leading reasons for personal injuries. Whether you have broken bones, catastrophic brain or spinal injuries or whiplash, you need to get immediate medical assistance. Oftentimes, motor vehicle accidents lead to internal injuries that become apparent as days pass and the psychological trauma might scar you for life. The diagnosis, medical treatment and rehabilitation can be long drawn which can further increase the time to get back to normal life. Meanwhile lost wages, coupled with mounting hospital bills can lead to a financial crisis. These not only stress out the accident victim, but it ripples down the family, leading to unfound financial challenges.

That is one of the reasons that under the legally formulated Ontario tort laws, you or your loved ones are eligible to file for damages for loss of consortium, lost wages, pain and suffering, apart from other pecuniary damages. Talk with one of the lawyers at A&M Injury Law and we’ll be glad to be of help.

If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, we’d like to educate you about your rights and the compensation that you are entitled to, under the tort laws in Ontario. You need to know that any victim of motor vehicle accident is eligible to accident benefits as income replacements, medical coverage and rehabilitation, attendant care, in case of severe injuries. However, if the injuries are debilitating or lead to permanent disability or deemed catastrophic, it allows access to a higher amount of compensation and insurance cover. Though it is essential to consider the fact that insurance companies will try to limit the cover and damage claim and reduce the benefits to you, as that is in their interest.

It is the responsibility and duty of the defendant (at-fault party) insurer to compensate the accident victim especially when the liability of the accident rests with the at-fault party. This is clearly mentioned under the tort laws and that is why you need a good lawyer to represent your rights. At A&M Injury Law, we work with you all through the claim process and ensure that the insurance company does not get a chance to cheat you of your rightful claims on the compensation. We are well-versed with all aspects of personal injury claims and it is in your interest to file for compensation as early as possible for a positive outcome.

With a proven track record of successful closure to compensatory claims, some of our cases have gone down in the history of Canadian law, after accessing millions of dollars in compensation. With recent changes in laws, trying to file and claim damages on your own is extremely difficult. This is one of the major reasons you need someone to represent your rights and ensure that the claim is not denied. We are well-aware of the tactics used by the insurance adjusters and legal teams that look at their interests, and not yours. However, we are here to help you 24/7 and all calls, messages and emails are answered within 24-hours to ensure that there is no delay in filing for the claim and getting the right representation.

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