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Slip and fall accidents are without a doubt amongst the leading causes of personal injury in Ontario. These accidents are capable of causing different soft-tissue injuries which may range from cuts and bruises to severe compound fractures as well as injuries impacting your central nervous system. Catastrophic injuries might actually lead to incredibly dangerous and potentially permanent impairments. We know your situation, if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. That is why we consider it important that you are informed about your right to claim compensation when you were injured due to recklessness and negligence

Misconceptions about slip and fall

Slip and fall claiming process might actually be quite complex due to limitations and liability. Although the type of accident is rather common, there are plenty of misconceptions which surround it and they could jeopardize the successful compensatory claim.

One of these misconceptions is that a slip and fall victim is automatically entitled to compensation by the owner of the property. However, the victim is actually required to meet rather strict requirements and to abide by time regulations. For instance, the at-fault party has to receive written notice from the injury within a certain amount of time. For a municipality, this period could be as short as 10 days. Time is an incredible factor that is usually overlooked especially by unrepresented victims who attempt to identify who is liable. Contact A&M Injury Law now and take advantage of what we could do for you.

If you or a close family member has been injured in an accident due to poor pavement conditions, ice, snow and others of this type you are most certainly entitled to compensation. You can contact A&M Injury Law in order to get a free consultation and proper legal representation. Our professional and experienced lawyers have successfully recovered millions of dollars of slip and fall compensations all across Ontario. We are going to work hard in order to ensure that you get the appropriate compensation.

Due to negligence

A lot of times the victims of accidents assume that they have occurred because of the own negligence of the victim himself. In reality, however, these events have occurred because of the negligence of someone else – the owner of the property at which the slip and fall accident had taken place. The law allows victims to get compensated for their injuries in the event in which the owner of a property hadn’t taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of his premises.

The majority of property owners are going to have insurance so the claims that the victims file are usually defended by insurance companies which have the resources to try to minimize the compensatory amount. A&M Injury Law is going to work hard in order to identify the particular causes and investigate the facts so that a proper compensation is ensured. You wouldn’t have to pay us anything unless the case is won because we work on a contingency fee basis. Call us now and let us help you.

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