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Public transit is an essential requirement for people living in the cities and turns out to be cheaper and more convenient considering the rising prices of gas. Though there are several companies in Ontario offering public transportation, as hundreds of people use these services every day, accidents often happen. This leads to a multitude of personal injuries on transit company property. However, dealing with claim processes of such injuries is a complex procedure, but most of the victims are misinformed about the ways to proceed with the compensatory claim.

The public transit accidents are multi-layered and fraught with inherent complications that need to be dealt by an experienced lawyer so that they can bring forward the claim on your behalf. At A&M Injury Law, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to tackle the legal team by Go Transit, TTC and other public transport companies. It does not help you to stay silent but before you start communication with your insurance company, talk with us and we'll be able to help you get the maximum amount of compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case for your injuries. Usually, there is a timeline for filing for claims and you may not be aware of it. That is why contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ontario becomes a prerequisite of getting justice. It is true that public transit drivers are not always perfect and oftentimes, mistakes are made. These are usually caused by fatigue, over-exhaustion, and negligence and even by being lazy. Most of the accidents are devastating and lead to catastrophic injuries pertaining to orthopedic, brain and spinal cord.

If you or your loved ones have been in a similar accident, we understand your situation and empathize with you. However, legal remedies are the requirement of the day. Our teams of professional lawyers understand all aspects of the tort laws and have the tenacity to go an extra mile to accommodate your requirements yet get the results that are needed.

In most cases, the transit company lawyers try to mitigate the issues and conceal evidence so that the insurance company can put forth a low amount as compensation. However, we do a thorough background check, get the evidence and then put it all together so that we have a strong case against them. That is why you need to contact us as quickly as possible. We'll ensure that your case is handled by an experienced lawyer and individual attention is provided. This is important not just for you but for us also. We get to the bottom of the case to ensure that we get the results that you need.

A&M Injury Law understands that errors on the part of the staff and the driver can happen in public transit cases. Our law firm takes a firm stand on behalf of the accident victims of public transit accidents so that their injuries don't go unnoticed. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on your case.

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