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The brain damage is the most catastrophic injuries sustained in an accident as it diminishes physical and cognitive functions permanently. To cope with it requires expensive medical treatment, rehabilitation and caregiving services apart from the loss of normal living. Not only is traumatic brain injury considered to be one of the reasons for death at any age but leads to lifelong impairments and disabilities. However, as the extent of the brain injury or spinal cord injury cannot be judged immediately after you are injured, filing a claim for compensation becomes important as medical bills can skyrocket due to the extensive care needed. That is one of the prime reasons that you need to contact A&M Injury Law as we have professional injury lawyers focusing in Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

We work with a network of doctors and medical professionals in Ontario and understand the complexities of estimating the extent of injuries and damage in spine and head traumas. Unlike broken bones and other physical injuries that are immediately apparent after the accident, brain and spinal injuries are extremely complicated and require complete diagnosis and assessment of the condition before determining the level of disability and care that will be needed. The future costs of treatment, rehabilitation and oftentimes, 24/7 care have to be factored in when calculating the amount to file in for compensation.

The issue is compounded when you were not at fault but still got injured. In most cases, spinal injuries result in partial or total paralysis, leading to the accident victim to become a quadriplegic or paraplegic, which not only affects the victim but the complete family is emotionally devastated. Suffering from a life-altering injury can be overwhelming and affects finances immensely. To cope with the plethora of medical bills and hospital costs, you need to contact A&M Injury Law so that we can help you negotiate with the at-fault party and help you get the claim for damages.

The victim of the catastrophic injuries needs to adjust their life to the situation and make drastic changes to their home and routine. In many cases, full-time nurses or caregivers are required as the individual may not be in a position to move at all. With lifelong medical costs and loss of wages, compounded by the cost of home modifications and other costs can be overwhelming to the families of the victims. Getting the financial compensation is oftentimes vital for the victims and their families to survive the crisis. This reduces the burden of paying for medical treatment and rehabilitation which will be needed for the victim.

At A&M Injury Law, we have represented the interests of traumatic brain injury victims and those who suffered spinal injuries. That is why we understand your current situation and utilize all our experience and resources to help you get the claim settled as quickly as possible. Call us today for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. We have helped hundreds of accident victims get compensated and have a proven record of obtaining millions of dollars in compensation over the years.

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