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Any injury due to an accident can render you with limited mobility and when it comes to orthopedic injuries, it can range from damage to tendons, muscles and cartilage apart from broken bones and complex multiple fractures that need surgery. This might leave the accident victims with lifelong disability or regular treatment and rehabilitation.

Thus, if you or a loved one has been left with serious orthopedic injuries due to a slip and fall accident or motor vehicle accident, you need to contact A&M Injury Law and let our professional injury lawyers help you. Having the right legal team in your corner will make a lot of difference in the amount of compensation that you receive. Our lawyers work in close conjunction with a lot of medical professionals and ensure that your injuries are assessed and treated properly, while we represent your rights with the law enforcement and other government agencies to help you get justice.

Causes of personal injuries

In most cases, orthopedic injuries are a result of slip and fall, car or motorcycle accidents but it is not restricted to the cold and icy Canadian winters. These accidents occur due to poorly maintained public spaces, wet floors, oily surfaces, poor visibility. At A&M Injury Law, we know that any of the slip and fall accident can lead to limited mobility, temporary or permanent disability which can lead to loss of wages, pain and suffering and mounting medical bills.

When you are diagnosed with orthopedic injuries due to no fault of yours but due to the negligence and careless behavior of someone else, you need the personal injury lawyer to help you obtain all the accident benefits and financial compensation that you are eligible for. Due to complex legalities and changes in the law, not all claims result in compensation as the aggressive lawyers from the insurance company deny claims or offer a low amount. That is precisely why you need to have an experienced legal firm like A&M Injury Law represent your rights and help you get justice.

We have never backed down from a claim that needed to be resolved at a trial and we have ample experience at mediation and negotiating a settlement for our clients. With blazing success stories and winning millions of dollars for our clients, you can be sure to enjoy representation from a professional personal injury service in the province of Ontario. To accommodate your needs and convenience, we can visit your home or hospital to discuss the details of your case. We'll ensure that your rights have been protected and that you get the needed financial assistance. To help you stay stress-free, we don't have any upfront charges and only take our fee after we win you the compensatory amount. Working on contingency basis or no win-no pay helps our clients during these stressful financial times. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation free consultation with our lawyers.

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