Who’s To Be Blamed In Rear End Accidents?

There are many aspects to consider if you’ve been injured, when it comes to car accidents. They are definitely serious and damaging and they are the type of accident which results in the most fatalities and traumatic injuries. This is something that you might want to account for. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at an accident which is overly common but it’s not as dangerous for the most part – rear-end collisions. These usually take place at lower speed and in the city; hence, they rarely end up with some serious consequences. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at the regulations when it comes to it and the way these cases are handled. Read More

Key Aspects To Take Into Account With Negligent Supervision of Children

When your child decides to walk out the door and start his usual route to school, he is going to face quite a lot of various issues, experiences and situations. This is something that could encompass anything from playing ball to running with a sharp object. Parents are usually hoping that their kids would exercise serious common sense. However, they are also well aware that this is not every time the case and when it so happens that the kid acts irresponsibly, the teacher should step in to rectify the situation and to provide the kid with a helping hand in order to prevent an injury. Read More

Why Dog Bites Are A Serious Threat?

There are quite a lot of different injuries that you might fall a subject to but the most dangerous ones are those which are commonly overlooked. With this in mind, it goes without saying that dog bites are amongst the most seriously underestimated injuries which are actually capable of causing a tremendous amount of serious injuries and they can even be fatal. There are a few reported cases of dogs attacking people who have ended up in the death of the latter. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at the reasons for which dog bites are so serious. Read More

Are Distracted Driving Deaths Increasing In Ontario?

Now, when it comes to car accidents, it’s safe to say that they are particularly dramatic and they commonly end up in serious injuries and even death. There are quite a few different common causes which are usually observed in Ontario, but lately it seems that distracted driving fatalities tend to surge in the province. While it’s true that drunk driving is still a cause of thousands of deaths per year, through comprehensive campaigns conveniently highlighting the overall damaging effects of this, drunk driving has more or less become something like a taboo in Ontario. Read More

More About The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

The truth is that our everyday lives are full with occasions which pose potential risks of injury. Cycling, driving and even walking on the side way could get you harmed. What is more, if you are currently suffering from something rather mild and you walk into the hospital for a routine checkup and you stumble upon a negligent doctor who makes your condition worse, you’d also suffer additional injuries. As you can surely see for yourself, keeping yourself safe is far less up to you than you thought. Read More