Why Drivers Involved In An Accident Need To Obtain The Police Report

The officers that arrive at the scene of a car crash, might get 2 or more different stories, one from each of the involved drivers. Yet the police report needs to indicate which driver appears to have been responsible for the fact that the now-damaged vehicles collided. That fact underscores one of the reasons that a motorist should seek the police report, following his or her involvement in any on-road accident. (more…)

Are Contingency Fees Better For A Client Than Standard Legal Fees?

In most cases, personal injury lawyers in Huntsville operate on a contingency fee basis meaning that are no up-front payments of out-of-pocket expenses paid by the client. Consequently, the lawyer handling your personal injury claim only gets paid if they are able to win your case and secure the compensation you are suing for. Therefore, it is important for the client to understand how a contingency fee arrangement works. (more…)