Possible Arguments From Defendant In Personal Injury Case

No matter how negligent a responsible party might have been, when motivating the creation of a personal injury case, he or she does have the right to hire an injury lawyer in Leamington. That legal representative can work to point out the instances when the plaintiff helped to trigger the occurrence of a harmful situation (such as an accident). In other words, a defendant’s lawyer can underscore the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s argument. (more…)

The Standard of The “Preponderance of The Evidence” Explained

Throughout the process of most civil trials, the burden of the preponderance of the evidence lies upon the plaintiff and their lawyer. What this means is that, it is upon the plaintiff and their lawyer to convince the jury to rule in their favor through the use of evidence. This evidence needs to be strong enough to proof with a likelihood of fifty percent or more, that the defendant is guilty of causing harm to the plaintiff through negligence. (more…)

How Canadian Drivers Can Use Added Precautions In Winter

During any season of the year, a sensible driver appreciates the need to be careful. When winter arrives, all drivers ought to use an added amount of precaution. Some of the precautions pertain to care for the driver’s vehicle; others spotlight the proper way to travel on a road during the winter. Most of the personal injury lawyers in Leamington deal with a multitude of accidents due to improper driving skills and non-compliance to safety measures. (more…)