Typical Strategies For Defendant’s Legal Team In Car Accident Case

The holder of an insurance policy gets support from the insurer, following a car accident. This is true in the case of any insurer, even one that is located in British Columbia. In other words, if a policy holder has been held responsible for a particular collision, the insurance company provides that defendant with a defense team, once the litigation phase has commenced. At that phase, negotiations have ended, and the case proceeds before a judge, in a courtroom. Read More

How Canadian Drivers Can Use Added Precautions In Winter

During any season of the year, a sensible driver appreciates the need to be careful. When winter arrives, all drivers ought to use an added amount of precaution. Some of the precautions pertain to care for the driver’s vehicle; others spotlight the proper way to travel on a road during the winter. Most of the personal injury lawyers in Leamington deal with a multitude of accidents due to improper driving skills and non-compliance to safety measures. Read More