New Rules For Drivers On Ontario’s Roads

The government of Ontario continues to place stiff fines on any driver that sits behind the steering wheel while under the influence of alcohol. Yet in the past, such fines did not punish those drivers that attempted to pay attention to both the road and some type of distraction. In order to solve that problem, Ontario’s legislative body has passed some new laws. (more…)

Alarming Increase In Truck Accidents In Ontario

Those men and women that work to maintain the safety of Canadian roads have expressed concern, regarding the increased number of truck accidents. Their research into such collisions has shown that most of the accident involved some type of transport truck. While the nature of the large vehicle that has collided with a smaller vehicle tends to remain the same, not every accident has the same cause. However, contacting the personal injury lawyer in Leamington can help you get the required legal assistance. (more…)