The Actions You Must Take After Colliding With Truck

If you become unlucky enough to collide with a truck while driving an automobile, you are bound to feel a bit disoriented. Hence, this list of actions takes that fact into consideration. It puts at the top of the posted list the one action that will help you to deal with your disoriented state.

The list of actions you need to take

First, call the police. At some point, you will need to obtain a documented police report. You will want that report to include critical evidence, such as the names and contact information for valuable witnesses. By calling for the appearance of police officers as soon as possible, you help to prevent the disappearance of such evidence.
Seek out the name of a nearby facility, one that can provide you with immediate medical attention. If necessary, ask someone to take you to that same facility. Make it obvious that you do not feel well enough to leave the scene of the collision. Insist on seeing a member of the medical profession.
Make note of the identifying features on the truck that hit you. Write down the name of the business that has been mentioned on the side of that same large vehicle. Get the number on the truck’s license plate, along with the name of the state or province that issued it. Learn as much as possible about the nature of the item that was being hauled in the same vehicle. Look for any proof of the truck’s possession of a government-issued certificate number, typically one that shows that the damaged transport vehicle has passed a government inspection.
Take pictures of the damaged vehicles. Do not forget to take pictures of any parts that got thrown aside at the time of the collision.
Talk to any existing witnesses. Get their names and their contact information.
Look for any tell-tale evidence, such as tire marks. The truck’s driver should have story that matches with the presence of any discovered evidence.
Expect to be asked for a statement at some point. When talking to the police, do not offer a piece of information for which you lack all the details. Do not try to offer a fact, when you have to guess at any requested details.

One action you should not take

Do not agree to talk to any adjuster from the insurance company until you have hired a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville. Follow the lawyer’s guidance, when you have arranged to speak with that adjuster. Share only the information that you know you can reveal, without jeopardizing the outcome of your personal injury claim.
If you have already completed the necessary actions, then you can feel confident of your attorney’s readiness to trust the veracity of your statements. At the same time, you will know that you have given your trusting attorney a head start.