Mistakes Most Often Made By Victims of Car Accident

The person that has been injured at the time of a car accident deserves some form of compensation. The amount of that compensation will depend on the victim’s ability to avoid certain mistakes.

The first of many possible mistakes

As soon as possible, the victim ought to seek immediate medical attention. Failure to do so could be used as evidence that the injury was not at all serious. If such evidence were to be presented in court, it could weaken a defendant’s claim.

A mistake has been made if certain orders not followed

Those would be any order coming from the doctor that has examined the victim. In addition, a victim’s schedule ought to include specific times for tests, rehabilitation exercises or follow-up medical exams.

The third mistake could only be made after 7 days

That is the span of time that all accident victims get legally. At some time during that 7-day period, the injured victim must report the accident to his or her insurance company. Victims do have a right to consult with an injury lawyer, and then to arrange for that member of the legal profession to make the necessary call.

Mistakes that involve using a piece of technology

One such piece should be used; it is the digital camera. The victim must get photographs of the accident scene. Such photos could call attention to road conditions at the time, and maybe to the accused driver’s bad driving practices.
One thing that technology has added to the social scene should not be used. That is social media. An image placed on Facebook could one day be used by an injury lawyer for the defense.

The time to avoid a slip of the tongue

That would be any time that the injured party must speak with an adjuster from the insurance company. That adjuster will have many questions. The answers given to that same person should be short. At no point should a victim’s comments seek to exaggerate the seriousness of the injury.

Could this one mistake be the final one?

Some victims are in a real hurry to get the money that could be coming to them. Consequently, they agree to an early settlement. A smart adult takes the time to meet with an injury lawyer, so that the chances for success, upon filing a claim, might be considered.

One further mistake that might be made

If a victim’s reluctance to settle pushes the process on to the point where the victim’s injuries must be examined at a defense medical examination (DME), then the person about to be examined ought to meet with his or her injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer in Cornwall must prepare the injured client/victim for the scheduled examination. When speaking with the adjuster, the lawyer’s client knew enough to give short answers. Those are the sorts of answers that must be given to the examining physician at the scheduled DME.