What To Do After Slip And Fall On A Public Sidewalk?

There are different types of accidents that you might fall a victim to and slip and fall are definitely amongst the most serious ones. Even though they are commonly overlooked as not so serious and harmless, they are also known to be the actual cause of a lot of serious damages, including fatalities. This is due to the fact that when you slip and fall you are most commonly going to hit your head in a hard surface which is particularly dangerous. This could cause traumatic brain injuries which could lead to paralysis and other dreaded conditions.
When it comes to slip and fall lawsuits in Ontario, most people mistakenly believe that they are entitled to compensation only if they fall on someone’s private property. This is definitely not the case. Usually, when winter time comes, people are going to slip and fall on uncleaned public sidewalks. When the sidewalk is not located in front of a store or a building of any kind, this is the responsibility of the municipality. And, as such, the latter is liable for your injuries.
That’s right – you can sue the municipality for the damages that you want to recover. Of course, there are a few specifics but in a nutshell, the process is more or less the same. The main differences hide behind the fact that you have to file your letter of intent in a shorter time frame and then you have to wait for 60 days instead of 30 to file your case. This 2-month period is given to the municipality in order for it to familiarize itself with the specifications of the case and to be able to respond.
The first thing that you need to do when it comes to filing a case of the kind is to call for medical help if you need some. If you don’t need it right away – take pictures of the place and see if someone saw you falling. If you manage to find a person who did – he is a potential witness – take his contact information and kindly ask him to help you out as this is something which is quite important and is quickly going to shift the case to your favor. If you are not too hurt and can manage to take some photographs, it will help you
Contact a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville immediately after in order to ensure that you are represented properly. He is going to come up with a strategy and you are going to have higher chances of success. These are roughly the steps to take into account if you accidentally slip and fall on public property. It’s important to ensure that you seek what is rightfully yours and do it properly with a lawyer. You might want to discuss all aspects of the injuries and the accident with the lawyer so that they can frame it better.