How Victims In Ontario With Serious Injuries Gain Access To Adequate Compensation

Any resident of Ontario that becomes involved in a car accident can demand access to certain mandatory benefits. Those include money to cover a loss of income, reimbursement of the expenses created by medical care, coverage of rehabilitation costs, the payment of attendants and miscellaneous costs.

Financial help for those with non-catastrophic injuries

In Ontario, a car accident victim with a non-catastrophic injury can seek Statutory Accident Benefits (SABs). Still anyone that seeks the money that comes with a SAB must understand the limit that the law has placed on the size of such a payment. The maximum SAB for any one victim is $65,000.

Any resident of Ontario that has sustained a non-catastrophic injury and feels deserving of more than $65,000 can seek to obtain compensation from a source other than the source of the Statutory Accident Benefits. Such a person needs to file a lawsuit with the help of personal injury lawyer in Huntsville against the responsible party.

Financial help for those with catastrophic injuries

Such injuries are severe and permanent. The injury might disable or disfigure the victim. The victims must pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and attendant care. In other words, the victim needs real financial assistance.

Still, according to Ontario’s laws, an accident victim with catastrophic injuries can receive from the government no more than $1,000,000. That restricted amount of money is supposed to cover the costs of medical and attendant care. If it does not, the person with the unpaid bills should consult a lawyer.

When a resident of Ontario with a catastrophic injury discovers that a $1.000,000 payment will not cover all of that resident’s medical and attendant care expenses, then he or she has the right to hire an injury lawyer. That injury lawyer can help with suing the responsible party.

In what way could an injury lawyer’s help work to win a lawsuit against the responsible party?

Lawyers know how to seek out and obtain expert witnesses, such as members of the medical profession. Such and expert can produce proof of the severity and persistence of a given client’s catastrophic injury.

Lawyers can obtain a client’s medical records. An examination of those records could reveal the failure of the treating physician to write down all of a given patient’s comments. That oversight might have caused a client’s condition to be viewed as less than severe.

An injury lawyer’s help also proves of value, in the event that an injured plaintiff loses his or her lawsuit. In that case, it would be possible for the same plaintiff to file an appeal. An experienced injury lawyer can offer guidance to a client that has filed an appeal. In other words, legal assistance helps, when victims go after a fair compensation for severe medical deformities.